3D Animations

3D animations support us in the planning. They are a valuable tool for checking plans for their visual effect and feasibility. Innovative ideas can also be perfectly staged in this way. Your advantage: These simulations inspire builders with (new) ideas.

3D animations enable the planner or builder to realistically illustrate the suitability of the space available before the actual construction phase. Your advantage: This means that expensive planning errors can be excluded from the outset.

Stihl brand worlds project

With this animation and in a remarkable way, we have visualised the extent to which a desired transparency can be achieved while the visibility of the technology is reduced to a minimum.

Fire brigade lift

In this example, the goal was to examine a spatial situation for its permissibility. In the animation on the left, the originally envisaged planning of the architectural office has been implemented. The animation on the right shows the solution.

The animation demonstrates that::

  • The rescue services personnel do not have sufficient space in the anteroom
  • The door blocks and hinders their operations

After the plan is changed, it becomes clear that:

  • The rescue services personnel now have sufficient space in the anteroom
  • The door can be opened without blocking

Design study: Car lift

The car lift demonstrated in the following animation video is an innovative study and has not yet been implemented. The processes shown are based on functional ideas, yet already take safety-related considerations into account.

The implementation speeds shown have been significantly accelerated for the animation and do not correspond to reality. There may be visual and constructive changes with a constructive and computational implementation and realisation of this project. For example, the type of drive and dimensions of the components may also change due to criteria that may only be subsequently identified. This car lift is expressly not permitted for the transport of people!

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